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Under her Skirt

I was sitting on the bed while Secret was lying there in her skirt. I was curious to know what panties she had on under her skirt so I decided to take a peek. What I saw was so sexy that I had to snap a few pics with my phone.

  1. Avatar of buckbottles
    buckbottles 2 years ago

    You really are sexy my wife and I love your ways and it really stimulates our relationship :-)

    • Avatar of Sexysecret
      Sexysecret 2 years ago

      :) Thank you! I love to hear that couples enjoy my blog.

  2. Avatar of AlphaGOAT68
    AlphaGOAT68 2 years ago

    All I can say is YES

  3. Avatar of Tone4m
    Tone4m 2 years ago

    :-) :-) :-) :-) yesss!

  4. Avatar of Tone4m
    Tone4m 2 years ago

    Yes! That last pic!

  5. Avatar of juvedgreat74
    juvedgreat74 2 years ago

    Too too hott.

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